Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Motivational Moment


The going is always hard on the road to greatness. If success were easy,
everyone would achieve it. NFL All-Pro lineman Brian Holloway recalled that
when  he  was playing for the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles
Raiders,  there wasn’t a single day when he didn’t feel like giving up
because the road was too tough and the sacrifices were too great. He didn’t
quit, of course; he was willing to pay the price because he was determined
to succeed. True thoroughbreds never quit. Competition only spurs them, and
obstacles merely reinforce their determination to succeed. If you have not
yet achieved greatness in your life, it is because you have been willing to
settle for less. You may not cross the finish line first every time you try,
but if you stay in the race, you will eventually prevail.

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