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The BDPA Insider - June 19, 2011

The BDPA Insider - June 19, 2011 

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BDPA Detroit Chapter Wins 2011 Midwest Regional HSCC Championship
Cincinnati students excel at BDPA Midwest Regional High School Computer Competition
BDPA iRadio Show - June 14, 2011
BDPA Member-Get-A-Member Drive - Grand Prize is an Apple iPad
Are Blacks More Likely Than Whites to Support Causes Online?

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In the new global economy, America needs a workforce with the knowledge and skills to compete. A new workforce of problem solvers, innovators and inventors who are self-reliant and able to think logically is one of the crucial foundations that drive innovation capacity in the nation. A key to developing these skills is strengthening science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) competencies in every student and worker.

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Contributed By: Wayne Hicks | BDPA Education and Technology Foundation
BDPA Cincinnati chapter (, a nonprofit organization made up of racially diverse information technology professionals who advance the careers of African Americans from the classroom to the boardroom, stepped up to the challenge by hosting a BDPA Midwest Regional High School Computer Competition (HSCC) and IT Showcase held at Cincinnati State Technical College on June 11, 2011.

Students from Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit and Los Angeles gathered for an opportunity to compete in oral exams, written tests, presentations and web-based design/programming projects.

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BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) successfully produced its first Internet radio show! BETF is extremely grateful to Franne McNeal who served as the host of the BDPA iRadio ShowFranne was able to smoothly handle all of the challenges of bringing the BDPA message out to an international audience via BlogTalkRadio.

Our plan is to produce BDPA iRadio Show on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. We hope that you will support our efforts. Here is the first show for your enjoyment!

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BDPA recently launched its new 2011 Member-Get-A-Member Recruitment Drive with an Apple iPad as the grand prize! Current members are the ideal ambassadors to communicate the advantages of joining BDPA to prospective members, and those who participate by telling friends and colleagues about BDPA may be eligible for valuable gifts and special recognition. BDPA's Online Member-Get-A-Member program is interactive, easy to use, and rewards members for helping to recruit new members. The drive ends December 31, 2011.

Welcome to the 2011 BDPA Member-Get-A-Member Drive-- your opportunity to share the value of a BDPA membership with your friends and colleagues, and receive free gifts in the process!

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BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) has established a number of online fundraisers via social networks in the past few years. As such we were intrigued by a new survey that claims ethnicity is a factor in how people perceive charitable and political causes they encounter on social networks and whether they go on to get involved with those causes.  [SOURCE]

Out of 2,000 participants in the survey, 30 percent of Black adults and 39 percent of Hispanics said they were more likely to support online causes rather than causes they encountered offline; 24 percent of whites said the same.

The study was released by Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication and Ogilvy PR, a public-relations company.

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Please accept our invitation to join us in the City of the Big Shoulders by registering for the 33rd Annual National BDPA Conference, August 3-6, 2011 at the Hilton Chicago.

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Hilton Chicago
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