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The BDPA Insider - March 20, 2011

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WORD PROBLEM: How many teams that were on the "bubble" in 2011 could have benefited from a stronger RPI if other factors such as 'margin of victory' or 'winning percentage of last 5 road games' were included? 

Read more about Math+Bracketology in this month's print edition of bdpatoday. 

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It’s 3 months into the new year and I, along with the rest of the BDPA New York Executive Board, have been working very hard to make sure BDPA is no longer the 'best kept secret' in New York.

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Members and Friends,

I enjoyed sharing our progress so far with the Richmond chapter. We talked about the three main areas of member benefits (networking, education, and community). We talked about some of the ways National BDPA and local chapters such as Richmond produce rich programs to serve our stakeholders. We also shared exciting new changes to our on-line member presence spearheaded by National BDPA, and I expressed my commitment to make sure members are informed of all programs and services that will enrich and benefit them. Finally, we shared the status of our Q1 goal execution (making good progress!), volunteer needs, and upcoming events.

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BDPA Atlanta Members and Friends,

Every year as part of our community outreach efforts, Atlanta Chapter sponsors a High School Computer Competition Team (HSCC) program. The HSCC program teaches high school students concepts like computer concepts, relational database design, web design (i.e. HTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL etc) tools, teamwork and project management. Our HSCC team meets with a group of dedicated instructors every week for 7 months. At the end of this program, the students are then taken to compete at our National Technology Conference for scholarships and computer prizes.

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BDPA Cincinnati chapter, a nonprofit organization made up of racially diverse information technology professionals who advance the careers of African Americans from the classroom to the boardroom, today announced a new officer and member of its board of directors.

Dalric Webb, an Engineering Information Technology manager at GE Aviation, in Evendale OH, has been appointed to serve as the BDPA Cincinnati chapter vice president of membership management. BDPA Cincinnati chapter is the 8th largest (out of 45) chapters in the nation. Dalric is responsible for the recruitment and retention of members to the chapter.

Dalric, a retired US Army major, has a wide and diverse background in Information Technology spanning more than 30 decades covering multiple IT related areas including programming, system design, database management, teaching SQL as an Adjunct Professor, webpage design & hosting, IT consultation, and PC repair.

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by Clark Thought Leadership
Have you ever wished you had your Facebook Contacts in an easy to use email address book?

Well your wait is over! Follow my simple steps with easy and simplicity using Yahoo's email service.

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by Kai Dupe
Yesterday in the midst of South By Southwest (SXSW) in downtown Austin I was part of a Multicultural Youth Study.  I was invited by Maria Madrigal who learned about my work in education and technology with communities of color from my presence on the web.  The goal of the study was understanding how Latino and African Americans identify and relate to technology, fashion, music and content. 

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by Ricardo Wilkens
Well, it’s been a few weeks since I became the owner of an HP Slate 500, and I’m still pleased at its performance. In fact, I realized that all the people who I’ve heard say that Windows isn’t meant to be a Touch interface probably haven’t given Windows 7 a fair try. I had low expectations about its ability to provide a decent multi-touch experience, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how it’s been performing so far.  For example:

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2011 National BDPA Conference Registration Now Open
Please accept our invitation to join us in the City of the Big Shoulders by registering for the 33rd Annual National BDPA Conference, August 3-6, 2011 at the Hilton Chicago.

Early bird registration for $350 now open!

Click here to register for the 2011 National BDPA Conference today!

Hilton Chicago
720 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60603

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