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The BDPA Insider – August 1, 2010

The BDPA Insider – August 1, 2010

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2010 Conference Closeout Issue:

2011 National BDPA Conference Registration Now Open

College Internships Available

HSCC Students - What's Next?

IT Job Seekers Idea Exchange

Message from the BDPA Coach Alliance

BDPA Featured Blogs

Federal IT Initiatives - BDPA Conference Executive Panel Slide Available

Oracle Scholarships Winners in BDPA Triangle Chapter

Philly Net Tuesday: Connect the Dots of Your Social Media Strategy

Blog Talk Radio Live! July 28th at the National BDPA Conference - Replay Today!

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2011 National BDPA Conference Registration Now Open

Please accept our invitation to join us in the City of the Big Shoulders by registering for the 33rd Annual National BDPA Conference, August 3-6, 2011 at the Hilton Chicago.

Early bird registration for $350 now open!

Click here to register for the 2011 National BDPA Conference today!

College Internships Available

Attention College Students!

Several 2010 National BDPA Career Fair & Tech Expo Exhibitors still have internships available. Please post your student resume in the BDPA Career Center if you are interested in this opportunities.

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HSCC Students - What's Next?

Attention HSCC Students!

HSCC Alumini are invited to join the BDPA High School Computer Competition Alumni group on Facebook.

This group is designed only for participants in the national BDPA high school computer competition. If you attended the annual BDPA conference and represented your chapter and city ... then this Facebook Group is for you!

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IT Jobs Seekers Idea Exchange

Attention IT Job Seekers!

Are you an IT job seeker in transition? We've been doing research to pull together a resource website built just for you. We've identified who's hiring in IT and the special technical skills that are marketable during these tough economic times.

We've also pulled together a comprehensive set of tools and techniques that can be used to significantly improve you chances of making through the hiring process. People who have used these resources have consistently reported above average results.

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Message from the BDPA Coach Alliance

Deborah Chambers Chima

CEO, Chambers Consulting Group LTD

Franne McNeal

CEO, HR Energy

Patricia E. Perkins, CPCC, PMP

CEO, Exodus Coaching

Coaching is a proven tool to help you achieve your goals faster. The Coach Connection is a member service offering of BDPA provided to give individual access to professional coaching services usually reserved for the business elite.

This online community is your access pass to a group of highly motivated and qualified business, career and life coaches that can help you create the work and professional life you want, need and deserve.

What would you achieve in your career if there were no obstacles?

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BDPA Featured Blogs

Attention BDPA Bloggers!

Would you like to join the growing list of BDPA featured blogs? The BDPA Social Networking team wants to hear from you. Send email to

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Federal IT Initiatives - BDPA Conference Executive Panel Slide Available

Federal IT Initiatives: What's Next? Are you ready?

John James – Director, National Security Personnel System Transition Office
Robert "Bob" Whitkop – Naval Next Generation Network (NGEN), Special Programs Office (Awaiting confirmation)
Anthony McMahon – Director, Enterprise Computing Center, Internal Revenue Service.
Dr. Anthony Junior - Director, Office of Naval Research

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Oracle Scholarships Winners in BDPA Triangle Chapter

[L-R: BDPA Triangle chapter president Carl Hill presents Oracle Scholarship check to Abigail Parker.]

BDPA Triangle student members Mark McIntyre and Abigail Parker were each awarded $1,389 in scholarship funding from Oracle Corporation to pursue degrees in the fields of science and technology. The scholarships were presented to each of the students at a recent BDPA Triangle program meeting. Unfortunately, Mark was unable to attend. We would love to get a digital photo of Mark if you can locate one for us!

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Philly Net Tuesday: Connect the Dots of Your Social Media Strategy

“Connect the Dots” with social media for your nonprofit organization or social cause at our next Net Tuesday on August 3.

Our discussion will be led by
Nicole Newman of Newman Networks, who will review some key social media principles and introduce a way to “connect the dots” of your social media strategy. Then several local nonprofits and activists will describe their own social media experiences, and we’ll help them “connect the dots” themselves.

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Blog Talk Radio Live! July 28th at the National BDPA Conference - Replay Today!

On Wednesday, July 28th at 12:30 Eastern, during the 32nd Annual National BDPA Conference BlogTalkRadio Host, Jacqueline Lawson and co-host Milt Haynes, National BDPA, brought you Blog Talk Radio Live!

African Americans sometimes underestimate the impact of technology on shaping the course of history. The show’s segments will include short interviews of senior BDPA officials to discuss their vision and dream for the organization. Internet Radio brings an added technology feature to the conference. It is a format that allows for real-time dialogue over the phone and in chat rooms anyone can access on the Internet. These Internet Radio interviews will provide multiple perspectives that are sure to appeal to anyone interested in the future of African Americans in IT.

Poignant, technical, moving. The interviews with the Board and Executive Committee members of BDPA will set the tone for the history, goals and mission of BDPA. An interview of the Founder will set the stage for the direction of the show by giving a perspective of the organization then and now.

Internet Radio Program Agenda

1. Historical BDPA – Advancing careers for 35 years (Earl Pace Jr.)

2. Transforming While Performing…As We Take BDPA To The Next Level (Yvette Graham)

3. What is BDPA? A Corporate Sponsor’s Perspective (Marc DiFrancisco)

4. National BDPA Conference Preview – How To Get What You Need In 4 Days! (Monique Berry)

5. BDPA Social Networks – Promoting innovation, professional growth and technical development (Milt Haynes)

6. Identifying Partners For Teaming Agreements (Perry Carter)

7. Young Techpreneurs - BDPA Creating Young Black Millionaires (Paulette Johnson-Davis, Mildred Allen)

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