Thursday, July 08, 2010

Pinks Slip party

July Pink Slip Party

Our next Pink Slip Party event taking place on Thursday, July 15th. These are bigger and more organized than our smaller, more casual events and tend to have 50+ recruiters, HR folks and hiring managers in attendance with more than 400 attendees showing up. Do yourself (and us) a favor and read the FAQs:

Note: These are not job fairs. Bring a few copies of your resume, but don’t feel the need to bring 500. You’ll register when you arrive, and the gathered information will be forwarded to all recruiters in attendance. Or, if you email us with your resume ahead of time, we’ll make sure that the recruiters attending will have already received it before the event. You are also more than welcome to send us your resume at any time between events, and we will get them distributed.

If you’re a recruiter that would like to attend, please email me. There are no costs or anything for you to attend – we just want to make sure we have a badge waiting for you when you get there. Hope you can make it!

Attendees are being asked to pre-register by sending an email to with

your resume as an attachment


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