Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Detroitnet.org Tops 100 Pink-Slip Partiers With New Jobs

Detroitnet.org Tops 100 Pink-Slip Partiers With New Jobs

By WWJ Technology Editor, Matt Roush

After overwhelmingly successful events over the past 12 months that have seen more than 100 people get hired into new jobs, the IT networking organization Detroitnet.org is extending invitations to anyone in and around the metro Detroit IT industry to participate in upcoming events.

Results from prior events have been nothing short of outstanding -- dozens of solid leads and business connections made. Hundreds of out of work Detroitnet.org members have received free training from New Horizons to date. Most importantly, more than 100 people have gotten new jobs as a direct result of these events since the group expanded its focus beyond just casual networking to include helping people find jobs in early 2009.

Job seekers have the ability to network with dozens of the top IT recruiters and headhunters in Metro Detroit. Recruiters and hiring managers have the ability to talk with candidates running the gamut of the IT field -- developers, architects, project and program managers, analysts, help desk personnel, technical writers and more. All Detroitnet.org events are completely free to attend for job seekers, recruiters, and anyone else that wants to participate.

Said Detroitnet.org founder Bob Waltenspiel: “What started as a group that just wanted to avoid ‘That Guy’ at other events has truly evolved into a force that helps people, and we couldn’t be happier."

Added co-founder Dave Phillips: "We’re excited about the growth that the group has experienced over the past year, as well as the new opportunities that bring other groups to the mix can bring. However, none of that detracts from our core focus -- bringing the IT community in and around metro Detroit together to help make things happen."

Organizers request that interested parties visit http://www.detroitnet.org to view photos of past events, and read through the FAQs that have been published regarding how to get the most out of attending one of the upcoming events:

* Thursday, June 24 Casual networking event in the back room of the BlackFinn, Royal Oak. More at this link.

* Thursday, July 15, Pink Slip Party event at the Post Bar, Novi. More at this link.

All events start at 5 p.m.

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