Thursday, November 12, 2009

92% of firms don't care about PC recycling

92% of firms don't care about PC recycling

By Carrie-ann Skinner

More than nine out of ten businesses don't care whether their old PCs could be reused elsewhere, says Remploy.

Research by the IT refurbisher revealed that only eight percent were concerned about making sure old computers could be put to good use elsewhere, despite the fact that 73 percent of companies surveyed claimed they were recycling old equipment.

According to Remploy, IT recycling that does take place is more likely to cover components than old PCs.

With this in mind, the company has launched a 'Re-use IT' campaign, which aims to reduce the amount of IT equipment being sent to landfills by encouraging its re-use once all pre-existing data has been securely erased.

Remploy e-cycle general manager Malcolm Watson said: "The importance of reusing things is now well understood for many types of waste, both in the office and at home, yet for some reason IT equipment such as laptops, printers, mobile phones and PDAs seem to be treated differently.

"As businesses and individuals alike we need to consider the environmental impact of all that we undertake. Disposal of our IT equipment is no different so I strongly urge everyone to support re-use wherever possible," he added.

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