Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Turns Your PC Into A Mini-Cluster

Free App From Troy Firm Turns Your PC Into A Mini-Cluster

Troy-based Altair Engineering Tuesday unveiled Personal PBS, a free turnkey application that leverages multi-core CPU technology to easily transform any desktop computer into a miniature computer farm or cluster system.

For a nominal fee, Personal PBS also provides an easy upgrade path that enables customers to submit jobs from their personal desktop to back-end server systems running PBS Professional.

Altair expects this new product to appeal to the open-source community, academia, small and medium-size businesses, and corporate clients who want to maximize local desktop performance. Personal PBS is available for download at no charge at www.personalpbs.com.

Personal PBS leverages the additional compute capacity available in desktop computers with multi-core technology, greatly enhancing local computer efficiency and user experience and leading to higher productivity. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Personal PBS is simple to use even for novice users.

"Personal PBS is exciting because it provides a free, simple tool that allows our customers to increase productivity by leveraging available computing hardware," said Bill Nitzberg, chief technology officer of Altair's GridWorks unit. "And for PBS Professional customers with a high-performance backend cluster computer, users can seamlessly take advantage of both the backend cluster and their own desktops to do more faster."

Personal PBS uses the same technology as the company's field-proven, commercial workload management solution -- PBS Professional -- to make real-time, on-the-fly adjustments based on processor and memory availability. As an intelligent application, Personal PBS allows users to continue to work on their desktops with no adverse effects while submitted jobs run in the background. In addition, customers can set job priorities and queue jobs to run at night or over the weekend.

Personal PBS is the newest addition to Altair's GridWorks software suite, an industry-leading, on-demand computing software environment for grid and cluster computing, delivering improved performance, greater administrator control and reduced power costs.

More at www.pbsgridworks.com or www.altair.com.

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