Monday, February 23, 2009

Motivational Monday

Be Inspired

I've been to Las Vegas several times in the past few weeks to speak. Yes, despite what the media says companies are having and should have meetings that bring their leaders and employees together to learn best practices, enhance relationships, improve teamwork, refocus and hear speakers like me. :)

While taking a morning walk along the Vegas strip it occurred to me that Las Vegas is a lot like life. It offers a lot of everything-both the good and bad. Both the soul nourishing and the soul crushing. You can find what you want depending on what you are looking for and focusing on. You can focus on the negative things that bring you down or you can focus on the dancing fountains at the Bellagio, the stone carvings at the Venetian, the beautiful architecture of the Wynn hotel, the countless art galleries, and the genius of my favorite entertainer Danny Gans. You can find desperation or inspiration. It just depends what you are looking for.

With all the negative news lately I've found myself wanting to be inspired more than ever. So one night while I was sitting in my hotel room watching CNN, not inspired at all, I had a thought that I should go see a show and be inspired. I had never gone to a show by myself. I went down to the ticket office and told them I want to be inspired. They suggested a few shows and I decided on Jersey Boys. Boy was I inspired. It was amazing. I realized that you can’t always wait for inspiring moments to come to you. You have to find them.

This past wednesday night Tim Tebow, the quarterback for the Florida Gators, was speaking at a local church in our town. I had a million things going on and a million reasons not to go but I went and took my son with me. During his talk Tim said that he could just share football stories and talk about winning the national championship and the Heisman trophy or he could talk about what really matters. Faith. He talked about writing John 3:16 under his eyes during the national championship game and how 90 million people searched it on Google as a result. I, along with the other 900 people that were there that night, were glad we stopped the treadmill of life for a brief time to be inspired.

The world is full of so much negativity and pain right now but it is also full of so many amazing opportunities to be inspired. Inspiration is everywhere and I want to encourage you to seek it out and find it. Make time for it. You need it more than you realize.

Rent and watch inspirational movies. (Slumdog Millionaire) Play your favorite song. Read inspirational books. Enjoy more sun rises and sunsets. Watch American Idol (just mute Simon). Visit an art gallery. Go see a play or concert. Attend an energizing Sunday service. Go see a high school sports event. Whatever inspires you, seek it out and make it a part of you. Be inspired.

Where do you find inspiration? Share your comments on my blog here.

Stay Positive,

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Unknown said...

I agree that we need more inspiration in our lives. I try to collect and share testimonials from HSCC alumni ... our organization's version of Tim Tebow. Their stories remind me of the reasons that I'm part of BDPA in the first place...

peace, Villager