Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Podcamp Michigan November 8,2008

Podcamp Michigan 1 Event Details

Date: November 8, 2008

Time: 9am to 4pm

Location: Embassy Suites Hotel, 28100 Franklin Road, Southfield, Ph: 248-350-7007.

Format: Unconference. Everybody is welcome to attend. The event is Free. Everybody who wants to do a presentation is welcome. Call me on 248-561-3535 or send me an email at markijlal at gmail dot com.

Would greatly appreciate if you can email me a phone number also or just call me we can chat for few minutes and go over, based on the presenters who have confirmed already, on where would be the best time for your presentation for everybody present and to avoid similar topics coming on top of each to bore the audience.

Seating Arrangement: No sure yet. Going to ask the community what they want and then decide.

For Presenters: I have arranged for an AV team to be present at the event. We will have our own projector and Windows laptop with PowerPoint 2003 installed. If you want to bring your laptop or choose to bring your MacBook etc - that is fine. The projector connects with a regular monitor cable.

For hands off and better presenting - I have wireless Presenter remote and we will have wireless lavs for presenters and a stand up microphone in the center of the room for questions from the audience.

Recording: We are recording the entire event - both video and audio and the entire event will be released, as per rules of Podcamp under a Creative Commons License, details of which to be found here. We will also Ustream the event out.

Event Video will also available on YouTube, BitTorrent, Blip.TV (for iTunes) and Ustream.

If you have interest in podcasting LIVE from the event or just taping the event and interviewing the folks present. Go for it. Have fun. I am going all the audios right here on the blog after the event for downloads if you want to put them out on your social outposts.

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