Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Just a few days left to register to vote

Calling all U.S. music lovers: just a few days left to register to vote!

How can just one person change the entire world?

Well, you're already changing the world by making music. But every American adult has the power to change our future in a single action. VOTE!

Most states have a voter registration deadline of Oct. 3 or Oct. 6, so if you're not registered this may be your last chance. Just go to Rock The Vote and you'll be all set in a few clicks. And please don't forget to remind all your fans and friends to register to vote too!

Our country's problems and solutions have never been more complex. The issues have never been more important, not just for citizens of the United States -- every person on the planet is affected. Every decision our elected officials make will resonate for years to come, and we can't afford any discord. To bring harmony to the world, we have to make some noise first... so step up to the microphone and shout, "I will be heard!" by casting your vote this November 4th.

Unless you're opening for the Rolling Stones on Election Day, we expect to see you at the polls (and even then, send in an absentee ballot.) If every musician voted, the world would be a much more rockin' place. For more info about voting in your specific location check out the Google Maps US Voter Info page, or just register now.

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