Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mayor down for the count, now the domino effect.

Mayor Kilpatrick has resigned and pleaded guilty to the felony charges. Also Police Chief Ella-Bully Cummings has announced her retirement. Well, let the dominoes start to fall. Expect more announcement of resignations or retirements from the City offices.

Next up the Detroit Public School system and 400 million dollars in misused funds
. Then the debacle of City Counsel and its misconduct. The Mayor was only the tip of the Ice Berg of legal and misconduct. But will voters learn to stop voting on name recognition and vote on the issues and character????(Especially City Counsel members)


Eddie G. Griffin said...

What is the political prognosis of the city? How is Obama's candidacy affected by these falling dominoes?

Eddie G. Griffin said...

I'll stay connected to this situation in Detroit.