Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Calvin College prof builds $2,500 supercomputer

The ultimate gaming, hacking, podcasting MACHINE!!!

Microwulf: A Personal, Portable Beowulf Cluster

Microwulf is a personal, portable Beowulf cluster, providing over 26 Gflops of measured performance, for less than $2500. Its dimensions are just 11" x 12" x 17", making it small enough to fit on one's desktop or in a suitcase.

Joel Adams and Microwulf
Microwulf was designed and built by Calvin CS professor Joel Adams and senior Tim Brom.

For more details, click one of the links below:

Update: As of Aug 1, 2007, Microwulf can be built for $1256, improving its price/performance ratio to less than $48/Gflop. See the Cluster Monkey article above for the details.

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