Monday, April 23, 2007

Stop Snitchin'

Go to CBS News and view the 60 minutes article on Snitching.

Is this the end of the Black Community??? This is a slap in the face to the Civil Right movement and Affirmative Action. What have we become? The KKK and "Jim Crow" are laughing at us and are partying. This belief is effectively dooming Black America to extinction.

Is there ANY technology available to change this direction in the hood?

Chime in.

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Anonymous said...

Sad part is that some of us have taken the meaning of sell and in fact are selling out their own communities to get rich.

Before I get flamed about free speech, I have a few questions:

Is stopping someone from doing the dirty work for the KKK selling out?

Would you consider telling the police that someone has been lynched snitching?

(This one I already know I'm going to flamed for, but I'm going to ask anyway)

What's the difference between a house slave 200 years ago whipping one of his master's field slaves for him and one of us today glorifing and commenting horrible acts of violence against other people of color, because they think their records will sell?

Isn't said rapper doing the same thing as the house slave, which is following the master's orders to get ahead at the expense of his fellow brother.

Finally why are we glorifing ignorance in our music, by saying that they are keeping it real, but call people sell outs when they are talking about taking responsible roles within the community and making life better for them selves and others.

This makes no sense, since the so called sell out is doing the exact opposite of what the KKK wants us to do, while the person keeping real is following their commands to a "T", by promoting crime and death so much that all the KKK and similar racist groups have to do is sit back and watch the mayhem.

That's why as a community we need to repel these types of images and replace them with more positive ones.

Also I understand where people are coming form that grew up in these types of environments, but they should condemn it, instead of glorify it, so that future generations do not make the same mistake.

I remember when hip hop was about protesting oppression, now its all about embracing, along with the ignorance and poverty of others it to get rich.

Just my 2 cents