Thursday, August 25, 2011

Focus: HOPE career training programs!

Who do you know that is unemployed or is working in a low-paying, dead-end job?
Let your light shine and provide a glimmer of HOPE to your friends and family….pass along the good news about Focus: HOPE career training programs!

Student and Graduate Ambassadors,

Please help us to let others know about the educational opportunities available at Focus: HOPE.  As you go about you day to day activities, as you have conversations with family, partners, friends, or FaceBook  and Twitter exchanges, pass the word about the career building opportunities which exist through our education program offerings, here on Oakman Blvd. 
Pass along our website address :, where they can click the “Career Training” tab. There they can find detail information about our programs.  They can reach an Admissions representative at 313-494-4300,  get additional information and schedule a visit to our campus. 
Our Facebook page can be reached at, and they can get involved with us on Twitter at .
Hear from Focus: HOPE graduates on YouTube:
You are an important part of our extended recruiting team, thank you for your continuing effort and support.
Linda Hanks and colleagues
ITC Manager

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