Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nuspire Networks 'can't hire fast enough'

Nuspire Networks 'can't hire fast enough' for net security

One of the best kept secrets in Michigan IT is trying to fix that little problem of visibility.

Mostly because, the phrase of one of its founders, it can't hire people fast enough.

Security and connectivity provider Nuspire Networks Inc. was founded in 1999 by Saylor Frase and Steve Whitener as a spinout of Frase's Web development company, which he started as a Central Michigan University student in 1996.

Nuspire's first work was connecting hospitals to small clinics securely using Virtual Private Network technology, which some then doubted could be trusted to do the job. Relationships to handle connectivity for bigger tech companies like Unisys and IBM brought them to the attention of General Motors Corp., which in 2000 began using Nuspire to provide connectivity with dealers.

"To this day we still run that portion of connecting GM with dealers," Frase said.

More recently, the company has taken on work for Subaru, SPX Corp., InkStop stores and Fox TV. Those customers keep Nuspire scrambling -- they've kept up with InkStop's 300 percent annualized growth, for instance, by figuring out a way to complete a data phone infrastructure for a new store location in two weeks.

And three months ago, the company hired its first marketing and sales department.

"We never had a sales force up 'til then, but our products and services have now matured enough, and we see deals in the media now where we say, 'Wow, we should have competed for that,'" Frase said. "We're trying to raise our profile."

NuSpire has 60 employees now and openings in network engineering, corporate IT sales, sales engineering, call center support, administrative assistants, and very specific programming roles.

"We can't hire people fast enough, and it's neat to be with a Michigan company that has that problem," company marketing director Jim Hebler said.

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