Monday, March 30, 2009

The Government Automotive takeover

Well this is scary. The government has kicked out the head of General Motors. I agree change was necessary but was this a good move? Auto has screwed up but also the government did help to enable this behavior. Congress over the years has allowed the Big Three to become non competitive by not raising gas mileage standards, emission standards and stifling alternative energy use in cars.

American needs to realize that if the auto industry is allowed to collapse, America will be on its way to becoming a "Third World Nation". No auto means no durable goods production in the USA. Do you know of any major world power that does not produce any tangible products? We can become such a nation. Unfortunately Governor Granholm did not stress this point during her interview on GMA this morning. No auto means the death or near bankruptcy of numerous industries such as the steel, glass, rubber, electronics, leather, and even the oil companies will be hurt.

If President Obama is using auto as an example, he must apply these rules to ALL the companies requesting bail out monies. When are the CEO's of AIG and the other financial firms using the money asked to step down. What's good for auto should be good for all. This whole financial mess was started by GREED. The needs of the few out weighed the needs of the many. What do you think???

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